Rob Ireson


I am an artist who works in and with public space.

Creating space where people can temporarily step out of the everyday informs my work, be this though sculpture work which encourages interaction or through the creation of interventions which set up certain situations.
A device I have used to create such situations is the deployment inflatable spaces, these spaces are temporary zones of experimentation, creativity and collaboration.

In this work I have collaborated with musicians, dancers, masseurs, sonic artists, sculptors and clothes designers.
This rupture in the everyday creates possibility for moments of re-connection.

I see this as a reconstructive approach; creating possibilities in an increasingly prescriptive contemporary world.

This desire for re-connection has its roots in an ecological approach which is informed by Permaculture and the writings of artist Suzy Gablik. In her essay Connective Aesthetics; Gablik proposes a re-constructive alternative to the Modernist separation of art and life; “New models put forward by quantum physics, ecology and systems theory that define the world in terms of interacting processes and relational fields calls for integrative modes of thinking that focus on the relational fields of reality rather than on discrete objects”
Previous work has taken the form of sculpture, bike machines, collaborative workshops, puppetry and performance.
Originating from the Black Country UK
I work throughout the island of Ireland and internationally.